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Introduction to Programming in Python

About this course

This course is designed for complete beginners with no previous background in computer science. The course is highly visual, dynamic, and interactive, making it engaging for new coders. Students will learn the foundations of computer science and basic programming, with an emphasis on developing logical thinking and problem solving skills. In this course students will learn to program in Python. Conditionals, looping, functions and data structures are all covered extensively. The content is fully web-based, with students writing and running code in the browser, allowing students to also work outside of lab hours should they choose.

Course location

760 Magnolia Avenue
Piedmont, CA 94611


800 Magnolia Ave
Piedmont, CA 94611
(510) 594-2655

Course cost: Free

How do I register?
Please look through our online catalog and sign up for a course online or by contacting the Piedmont Adult School office at (510) 594-2655 or for more information.