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Project Search

About this course

Project SEARCH provides a program for young people with disabilities to support them at the Alameda County Government Offices (ACGO) in Oakland as interns in order to obtain living wage jobs. The program is a partnership with Oakland Adult and Career Education (OACE), Eastbay Innovations, and the Department of Rehabilitation. OACE teachers and EBI job coaches have regular contact with ACGO staff in planning internship tasks. Interns start their day with an hour-long class that is oriented to job readiness skill acquisition. Interns then go off to their sites and continue to receive support from the teacher and job coaches who work together to create tools and tailor instruction to develop interns performance delivery. Interns end their day either through reflection, problem-solving, planning and/or journaling their key learning. The ultimate goal upon program completion and graduation is to utilize their internship skills for gainful employment. Classes are offered in person or online.  Please review the OACE website for more details.

Course location

1221 Oak Street
Oakland, CA 94612
(510) 618-1580


2607 Myrtle St
Oakland, CA 94607
(510) 879-2300

Course cost: Free

How do I register?
New students can register online for Oakland Adult and Career Education classes. Instructions are offered online. You must be able to receive and send emails.