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Coming Together to Get Ahead

Northern Alameda Adult Education Collective creates more opportunities for success

Students take many paths to find their way into the adult education system. The goal for Northern Alameda Adult Education Collective is to make sure that once those learners get in the door, the road map is clear.

Northern Alameda Adult Education Collective (NAC) is one of California’s regional adult education consortia, formed after funding was made available in 2013 to restructure adult education statewide. The collective includes adult schools, community colleges and school districts, and offers an array of services. If students are seeking literacy skills, English as a Second Language (ESL) courses, a high school diploma or equivalence or career training, NAC has the right program.

Getting each student on the right path is the goal of NAC, and there are individuals devoted to doing just that. Transition liaisons can help students navigate the enrollment process, move from one level to the next and, in some cases, participate in multiple programs at once.

The benefits of adult education extend far beyond the walls of the school and the lives of individual students – adult education also fills the need for a highly trained workforce.

What are you waiting for? Begin your path toward a better future.

What’s in store for the future?

In 2021 The NAAEC created and deployed a short survey to learn more about the needs of our community and how our services may assist to meet those in need.  The survey was made available in English, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, Vietnamese and Tigrinya.  Below are the final report and attached appendices.

The NAC is currently piloting a member effectiveness process and tool to be utilized by each institution on an annual basis in order to assess program offerings, student supports, and the overall productivity of CAEP programming.  The Member Effectiveness bi-annual Work Plan listed below is a synopsis of each members original work plan.  Please contact the collective for more detail or questions regarding our Member Effectiveness tool.