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Leadership and Meetings


Executive Cabinet

The Executive Cabinet of Directors are responsible for the election of certain officers and the members of the Working Group, approval of the annual budget and amendments to bylaws and other agreements, and promulgation of policies, procedures and rules, with respect to all matters reserved to the Executive Cabinet of Directors.

Working Group

The day-to-day business of Northern Alameda Adult Education Collective will be conducted, directed and supervised by a Working Group which will be composed so that the number of members appointed by Peralta Community College District equals the number of members collectively appointed by the School District Members.

Community-Based Organizations

The Community-Based Organizations Committee (CBO) was formed to ensure the Collective intentionally and strategically collaborates with organizations outside of the adult schools and colleges to meet the needs of our region.  We recognize there are various organizations serving the adult population that we serve and seek to serve. The need to partner is immense and it is our goal to work with all groups to ensure the services in our region are robust and create educational and career opportunities for our community.

Transitions Team

The Transitions Team is a group of educators that seek to provide comprehensive support for adults who seek to transition from a Community-Based Organization to adult school and/or college and the workforce. There is a Transitions Liaison at each of our Peralta College partners, as well as at Oakland Adult and Career Education. In addition, there are Associate Deans that support the programmatic efforts to ensure the transitions are fluid. The team works collaboratively with the adult schools, Community-Based Organizations¬†and colleges to outreach and implement sustainable activities for our students’ smooth transition.