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Tech Support for COVID-19

May 14, 2020


 Zoom – virtual meeting space

Zoom Video Tutorials

  1. Use headphones to stay focused on the class meeting in rooms where there are other people nearby or walking through
  2. Mute yourself or stop the video as needed to avoid becoming a distraction to the group in the meeting.
  3. Try to pick a quiet space in your home to participate in your class meeting preferably at a table or desk.
  4. Remember this is your classroom, dress as if you were going to school.
  5. During a lecture class or class discussion, use the raise hand function to be called on

Google Classroom- virtual classroom for receiving and submitting assignments to teacher

Google Classroom for Students Tutorial

Student Guide to Google Classroom

Scanning phone apps

All free for Android and iOS

Adobe Scan – exports only PDFs and automatically stores every scan you capture on Adobe Document Cloud, so your scans are accessible from any phone, tablet, or computer.

Microsoft Office Lens – connects to Microsoft products. Also converts whiteboard notes or written notes to text.

Google Scan– free scan for photos and documents from google drive.

Google Hangout-video, txt or call up to 10 people/ small class video with emoji’s

Google Meet– Video or meeting space that connects to google classroom

Google Meet on Google Classroom

 CANVAS- the official virtual classroom space for class communications and submitting homework at all four of the Peralta Colleges