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Adult Education Block Grant

Building Better Career and Educational Pathways to Support Adult Students

Adult students enrolled in California’s AEBG programs are a diverse group. They reflect the multicultural population that makes California’s workforce among the most productive in the world. While the majority of students are under the age of 34, individuals of all ages and stages in their careers utilize these programs, with ten percent of AEBG students over the age of 55. AEBG student testimonials reveal that adult students are hard workers who overcome incredible barriers to achieve their educational goals. – 2017 AEGB Progress Report

The Adult Education Block Grant, or AEBG, is a unique partnership among California community colleges and K-12 adult schools to meet the needs of adult learners through multiple education on and off ramps, specialized curriculum and resources to support them in their educational journey.

How do we do this?

The Adult Education Block Grant funding is the foundation for 71 regional Consortia across California that build better career and educational pathways to support students. The power of AEBG is the collaboration that both K-12 adult education providers and community colleges bring to the table in our innovative partnerships. We’re 71 strong. That’s 71 regional Consortia with one common mission: to work synergistically with workforce and education partners, community stakeholders, and industry to ensure that students are prepared for life, for work, and to support their families and strengthen communities no matter where they are in their educational journey.

Just as our regional economies are diverse across California, so are the adult learners that live in and contribute to their communities. Because of this diversity, AEBG Consortia design innovations and promising practices that align with the goals of adult learners. The high-quality programs and practices developed on a regional level through the integration of K-12 adult education and community college resources are uniquely suited to equip all students with the tools to they need to excel in their personal and professional growth.

There are close to 400 AEBG members and more than 1,000 community partners within our 71 Consortia that work synergistically through our multiple partner locations in every part of the state that creates available access points. While adult education provides basic skills in literacy, AEBG’s partnerships offer multiple opportunities to adult learners for career and college readiness. AEBG’s unique partnership brings the spirit of California innovation to adult education.

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