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Executive Cabinet of Directors

Responsibilities and Members

The Executive Cabinet of Directors retains overall responsibility for the governance of Northern Alameda Adult Education Collective.

Siri Brown
Peralta Community College District

(510) 466-7218
Pasquale Scuderi
Alameda Unified School District

(510) 337-7060
Matin Abdel-Qawi
Oakland Unified School District

(510) 879-8200
Randall Booker
Piedmont City Unified School District

(510) 594-2614
Monica Vaughan
Alameda County Office of Education

(510) 670-4590
Angélica Garcia
Berkeley City College

(510) 981-2850
Nathaniel Jones III
College of Alameda

(510) 748-2200
Rudy Besikof
Laney College

(510) 464-3213
David Johnson
Merritt College

(510) 436-2411
Ruben Aurelio
Berkeley Unified School District

(510) 644-6257

All meetings of the Executive Cabinet are open to the public except as provided by law. The Executive Cabinet host at least two regular meetings per year at a time and place set by the Executive Cabinet. Special meetings of the Executive Cabinet may be called in accordance with the provisions of California Government Code Section 54956. The agenda for each special meeting of the Executive Cabinet shall be posted at the principal office of Northern Alameda Adult Education Collective and mailed to each Member at least five days in advance of the meeting.